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Beeswax Thread Conditioner - Sewing Accessory

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Beeswax Thread Conditioner is the perfect addition to anyone's sewing basket, but especially loved by the needlepoint enthusiasts.  

Unlike commercially made thread conditioners, our Beeswax Thread Conditioner contains no nasty chemical ingredients or petroleum-based paraffin wax.   We only use fresh, Australian, honey-scented beeswax,  making it perfectly safe for all applications.

Easy to use and easy to hold, the petals on the flower shape guide your thread through the beeswax to strengthen, straighten and smooth. 

Each little flower weighs approximately 5g and will last for a very long time. 

We package our Thread Conditioner in a resealable, screw-top tin so your thread conditioner will always be easy to find and will remain clean between uses.

What is a thread conditioner?

A Thread Conditioner is applied to sewing thread or floss to give a protective coating that helps strengthen, smooth and help reduce tangling and knotting.

For needle work  such as embroidery and cross-stitch, applying thread conditioner can help keep the thread smooth.  

Some embroidery threads, especially metallic threads, can become easier to handle with the addition of our Beeswax Thread Conditioner.  It can also make threading needles a lot easier!

How to use:

  • Remove the thread conditioner from it's container.
  • Lay the end of the thread over the top of the beeswax flower and hold it in place with your thumb. 
  • Pull the entire length of thread through, running it over the top of the beeswax.  
  • Then, placing the thread between your index finger and thumb, pull the thread through to spread a thin coating of beeswax evenly along the entire length of thread. 
  • When not in use, store your thread conditioner in it's container to keep it clean.  
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