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Naked Beeswax Tea Light Candles

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Our naked beeswax tea light candles are individually hand-poured using fresh beeswax from our small apiary.

We call these our naked tea lights because they come without cases.  We feel that individual aluminium cases are a waste and plastic is, well... plastic!

Instead, we provide a glass candle holder in each pack that can be used over and over again.  

Our tea lights are made from pure beeswax, with nothing else added.  

  • Made 100% lead-free cotton wicks. 
  • Each candle has a 4-4.5 hour burn time.
  • Tea lights give off a lovely, natural honey scent. 

Some uses for Beeswax tea light candles include:

  • Heating Oil burners
  • As Floating candles
  • Purifying the air
  • Prayer or memorial candles 
  • Adding romance to the dinner table or around the bathtub!
  • Decorating wedding tables, outdoor parties and BBQs 

Why burn beeswax tea lights?

Pure beeswax contains negative ions that bind with toxins and pollutants, removing them from the air. 

Burning beeswax is also helpful in eliminating odours, mould and dust particles in the air, which is good news for allergy sufferers as it can help relieve symptoms.

Unlike other types of wax, pure beeswax candles have the following advantages:

  • Contain no petroleum by-products, unlike white paraffin tea lights. 
  • Contain no chemical stabilisers often added to increase burn time and enhance artificial fragrances of soy and paraffin candles.
  • Create little to no smoke
  • Will burn right down to leave little residue.  
  • Beeswax candles are natural and sustainable (as long as we look after the bees!).

Why not add one of our beautiful hand-turned timber tea light holders to your order

Do's and Don'ts of Burning Tea Light Candles

Do place the tea light candle in the candle holder before lighting.

Always place a lit candle on a heat-resistant surface.  

Once the candle is lit, avoid moving it around.  Not only is this dangerous but the movement will hasten the burn time.  

Always place lit candles away from draughts and furnishings such as curtains, tablecloths and any other flammable items.

Tea Lights work best if they are allowed to burn out in one session.  If you must extinguish the tea light, push the wick into the melted beeswax with a pen or similar and then immediately lift it back out.  Once cool, straighten up the wick ready for lighting again next time.  

Caring for the Glass Candle Holder

When the beeswax tea light has completely burnt out, before you add another candle, be sure to remove the steel tab leftover from the previous candlewick. 

If any beeswax remains in the bottom of the candle holder, just place the candle holder in the freezer overnight.  This will loosen the beeswax and it should be easy to remove with a gentle tap on a hard surface.

To discover more about why burning beeswax candles is better for your health, visit our blog page to read our post Not all Candles are Created Equally

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