Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls
Collombatti naturals alpaca dryer balls

Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls

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Why use Alpaca wool dryer balls?

We all know using a clothes dryer is not the most energy or cost-efficient way to dry your laundry, but when the weather is wet or we're in a hurry, sometimes we don't have a choice! 

Using natural Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls can save you time and money!

How dryer balls work

  • Wool Dryer balls disperse through your laundry load and work to keep clothes separated.  This helps decrease tangling so clothes dry evenly. 
  • Created from natural Alpaca, the felted wool balls will absorb moisture, effectively reducing drying time. 
  • Felted wool dryer balls can help reduce static and wrinkles in your clothes, especially those made from natural fibres.
  • Biodegradable and chemical-free, felted wool dryer balls replace single-use, plastic-based dryer sheets.
  • Adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to each ball will add a fresh, natural fragrance to your clothes as they dry. 

Why use natural dryer balls?

  • Single-use, artificially fragranced dryer sheets are made from synthetic materials that hang around forever.  This creates a huge impact on our environment by contaminating our food supply and waterways.  
  • Natural dryer balls are eco-friendly and biodegradable, at the end of their life they can be tossed into the garden or into the worm farm, returning back to the earth.  
  • With normal use, felted dryer balls can last for several years. I still use my original set of dryer balls I made 5 years ago.  They've blown out in places, however, they still work just fine!
  • Alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic therefore making it ideal for felted dryer balls.
  • Unlike sheep's wool, alpaca fleece contains no lanolin which can sometimes emit a burnt, oily smell when heated.  
  • We use the shorter fibres of the alpaca fleece typically considered a waste product and therefore more likely discarded. 
  • A zero-carbon product, our alpaca laundry dryer balls are made using rainwater heated by solar-powered energy.   

How to use your alpaca dryer balls

Toss all 5 dryer balls into the dryer.

As a guide, for a full load of laundry, adjust the timer down by around half an hour to what you'd normally set it. Check the clothes at the end of the cycle and adjust the timing as necessary. 

It's always best to underestimate drying time to avoid over-drying your clothes.

Try adding a few drops of essential oil to some or all of dryer balls before each use.  It will leave your laundry smelling fresh but without the artificial scent of dryer sheets. 

Storing your alpaca dryer balls

I leave my dryer balls in the dryer so they're always good to go.  If you prefer, you can use the box they came in to store your dryer balls.  

How we make and felt our alpaca dryer balls

We make our felted wool laundry balls using fleece from our alpacas.  Our fleeces have never undergone any chemical treatment, before or after shearing.   

When our alpacas are shorn, the fleece is skirted and the saddle part (the good bit!) is kept for hand spinning or sent away for processing in Victoria. 

The skirt (outer edges, neck and legs) usually contains the shorter, coarser fibres, and we keep for this felting or composting.

We only use pure rainwater and eco-friendly laundry detergent to felt our laundry balls.  We use solar-powered hot water for the felting process and once dry, we trim each ball by hand to remove any long, loose fibres.   

Our alpaca felted wool dryer balls are handmade, so no two balls are the same in size or colour.  As a guide, sizes range from 7.5-9cm in diameter and colours vary from batch to batch.

Please note:
Although we try to remove all stray fibres, sometimes we can miss one or two!

We suggest refraining from using these balls with your favourite little black dress or pants (which you probably wouldn't be doing anyway!) until you've used the balls a few times.  This will ensure any loose fibres have been removed. 

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Alpaca balls

Being summer I haven’t needed to use the dryer so I haven’t been able to test these out. But they smelt Devine and arrived on time beautify boxed.

Alpaca dryer balls

Fantastic product. Works wonders in our condensing dryer. Definitely reduces drying time.

Best thing ever

I hate using my dryer but living in Victoria in winter makes it a necessity. The dryer balls have reduced drying time significantly.
I ordered on a Friday and had my deliver on a Monday - super service.

Alpaca Natural Wool Laundry Dryer Balls

They are great, I use them everyday to help the drying time with my work uniform.

Quick delivery and very happy

Quick delivery and very happy with item purchased.