How to make a delicious chai - Part 3Collombatti naturals warm chilli chai tea

So for the next instalment of our series, we are going to be making our chai with the help of our coffee machine.

If you're really lucky and your local cafe uses loose leaf chai instead of the powered or syrup chai, you may already be accustomed to this particular method. If not, you're in for a treat, and its easier than you think!

We will be once again using a small teapot and boiling the kettle, just like in our first blog. For this recipe though I’ll be using our warm Chilli Chai. People always ask if its hot but we only use enough chilli to warm rather than burn. It's the perfect drink for a cold day!


Collombatti naturals chai in a teapot

Step onePlace  1 ½ - 2 teaspoons of our Collombatti Naturals Warm Chilli Chai into the teapot. Pour in just under a cup boiling water, enough to thoroughly  cover the tea. Now here is the important part, let the tea steep for at least 3 minutes, but optimally 5 minutes as the longer you brew the better the flavour. 

collombatti naturals heating milk to make chai

Step two - Next, we are going to heat our milk. So this next part depends on what kind of coffee machine you've got.

Most of the newer coffee machines come with a built in milk frother. If yours doesn't, you might have a separate milk frother or if all else fails you can always use your microwave to heat your milk.

The best way to do this is to fill your milk jug to just below the spout as this gives you plenty of room for your milk to expand.

When frothing milk you want it to spin and not scream at you. If its screaming, you're getting too much air which means the milk doesn't heat evenly and you get way too much froth.

I find if you hold the jug so the milk frother sits apex of the spout and then tilt the jug slightly to the side and gently move your jug up and down. This way your milk shouldn't be screaming at you and you should be heating your milk with just enough froth. Holding your hand on the bottom of the jug, warm the milk until the jug gets too hot for your hand. 

 Collombatti naturals chai add hot milk to teapot

Step 3 - Assembly. By the time you’ve perfected your milk, your chai should be well steeped. Pour the milk into your teapot and let it sit for another minute or two so the milk can infuse with the chai. 

Collombatti naturals straining tea into teacup

Place a tea strainer over your cup and pour in your milky chai, stir and add honey  if desired.

Collombatti naturals pour chai into teapot

Step 4 -  Enjoy! The gentle heat from our warm chilli chai along with the sweetness of the honey and the creaminess of the milk, is the perfect combination.

Collombatti naturals chai in a teacup

Even with the days getting warmer, our nights are still cool enough to enjoy this soul warming beverage. 

*Note - If of an evening you don’t like to have caffeine, you can always give our Rooibos Chai a try instead.  It has that great chai taste but minus the caffeine. It's also a great tea to drink to help you relax and unwind after a long day, boasting natural calming properties helping to centre your nerves without making you drowsy, the perfect bedtime drink!

Collombatti naturals rooibos chai

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