About Our Eco-Friendly Packaging


At Collombatti Naturals we are passionate about the environment and are constantly striving to lessen our environmental footprint in both our business and on our farm. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Keeping our packaging green

Our handmade products are packed and posted in renewable materials that can easily be reused, recycled or composted.   We are constantly on the look out for new and innovative products to reduce our environmental footprint, so our packaging material will improve as new ideas becomes available.    


Collombatti Naturals - About our earth friendly packaging - Close up of the bottom of our oxo-biodegradable tea bags

We use compostable bags for our tea packaging.

Our tea is packaged in biodegradable “Bak-to-earth” bags which use a combination of both air and moisture to facilitate the composting process.  The entire bag, including the zip closer, can be composted in a household compost heap when the right conditions of moisture, air and heat are met.  

Collombatti Naturals - About our earth friendly packaging - Collombatti Naturals Raw Linseed Oil Timber Polish surrounded by wood shavings and a small handmade wooden scoop

Collombatti Naturals Timber Polish packed in reusable aluminium containers


Polishes and balms are packed in reusable aluminium containers.  Because all of our products are non-toxic, the empty containers can safely be reused for all sorts of small items.  Otherwise, they can be placed with your other recycling items and put out for collection by your local council.  Aluminium is one of the easiest, and most common material to be recycled!


Collombatti Naturals - About our earth friendly packaging - Collombatti Naturals Raw Linseed Oil Timber Polish Gift Box with a jar of honey, wooden honey dipper a mesh ball tea strainer and Collombatti Naturals Australian black tea in a box with wood wool

Collombatti Naturals Timber Polish Gift Box packed in sustainable wood wool 

When preparing our products for posting, we use corrugated cardboard, compostable mailing satchels and cardboard boxes.  If extra packaging is required, we use sustainably produced wood wool from Tasmania and paper padding. 

Natural twine and paper raffia are used to hold everything in place, and compostable tape for sealing boxes.


Collombatti Naturals - About our earth friendly packaging - Hero Bags, post bags that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

We have recently started using these 100% compostable, zero-waste bags.  We’ve found them to be useful for protecting gift boxes and other items where we don’t want to place the mailing label directly on the product packaging.  As a bonus, they are very economical to purchase and are super quick processing your order.  You can read more about Hero packaging on their website: https://heropackaging.com.au/


As an eco-friendly business, we are always on the lookout to improve our green packaging and are always researching for more sustainable alternatives.  As consumers become more aware and concerned about climate change, we hope earth-friendly products become more readily available.